U.S. Military Army Classic Thicket Digital Camouflage Uniforms

Fully comply with military requirements.
U.S. Military Standard Fabric:scratch-resistant,ripstop,waterproof plaid.
Thick abrasion washing.

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The actual skilled Army camouflage uniforms.
Set Most sensible And Pant
Size: (cm)
XS Chest 108 Shoulder 44 Waistline 74 Pants Period 103
S Chest 112 Shoulder 48 Waistline 80 Pants Period 104
M Chest 116 Shoulder 50 Waistline 87 Pants Period 107
L Chest 122 Shoulder 51 Waistline 94 Pants Period 110
XL Chest 130 Shoulder 52 Waistline 100 Pants Period 112
XXL Chest 138 Shoulder 54 Waistline 108 Pants Period 116
Totally conform to Army necessities.
U.S. Army Same old Material:scratch-resistant,ripstop,water-resistant plaid.
Thick abrasion washing.
4 colour fastness Ecu requirements.
Set Most sensible And Pant A couple of Velcro pocket.