Titin Force Weighted Shirt System Black


Please note that this product can NOT be shipped across the world. Please note that this product can NOT be shipped overnight. Titin Force Weighted Shirt System Black Meet Titin force, the arena’s simplest weighted compression shirt system. This heavy-duty, three part, weighted shirt system includes a zippered inner shirt with 14 strategically placed pockets that place 8 pounds of are compatible-right, hydro-gel inserts across your upper body and upper arms. A double-stitched, moisture-wicking compression shirt locks down the burden whilst promoting increased blood circulation. Wear it hot. Wear it cold. Wear this 8-pound shirt system for a HyperGravity training program that is helping your body, build explosive speed, strength and teeth-gritting staying power. YOU’LL HATE IT. YOU’LL LOVE IT. TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system can lend a hand spice up the efficiency of workouts, making improvements to speed, balance, staying power and vertical leap. The Force means that you can move naturally without stressing or abusing your body’s joints. May also be worn all through so much workouts and training programs. Shirt system can be heated or cooled to be used all through or after workouts. Every TITIN Force weighted compression shirt system includes three training enhancing components. The 14-pocket inner shirt serves as the bottom layer. Our patented, are compatible-right, hydro-gel inserts slip into the strategically placed inner shirt pockets. The third element is a moisture-wicking outer compression shirt that locks down the gel inserts, keeping the burden firmly in place all through strenuous workouts. Pocket Shirt: TITIN 14-Pocket Inner Shirt is designed with 14 strategically placed pockets that lightly distribute the burden of our indestructible hydro-gel inserts across your upper body, including shoulders and arms. Our 14-Pocket Inner Shirt features double stitching for superior strength. A smooth, high-performance zipper makes putting on and taking off the shirt easy. Made with A.M.Y. to b
TITIN is the arena’s ONLY weighted compression apparel – Right kind weight placement & compression helps to keep the burden in place so it doesn’t bounce around like a typical weight vest
The gels May also be heated or frozen and stay hot or frozen for 30-45 minutes, whilst staying pliable and flexible at all temperatures – Use it treat sore and tired muscles
The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System is designed for stenuous workouts – Both the internal pocket shirt and the outer compression shirt are made with moisture wicking subject material to dam odor and germs
In joint look at w/Under Armour TITIN increased lactate intake by 25%, vertical by 13%, staying power by 11%, best end speed by 3% and strength/agility
The gels have an entire life warranty and the shirts will last 8-10 years of consistent use

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