Pack Of 16 Camouflage Rubber Ducks – Camo Special Forces Soldier Duckys

Pack Of 16 Camo Special Military Ducks for one price.
Great For parties, gift baskets, cake toppers, party favors, and much more.
Kids Love These Duckies !!


Vinyl Unique Militiary Rubber Duckys. Wearing camouflage with helmets and tool expecting no matter what unhealthy challenge they could also be known as to participate in. Package deal of 16 for one value.

Duckys don’t Go with the flow upright.

% Of 16 Camo Unique Army Geese for one value.
Nice For events, present baskets, cake toppers, birthday party favors, and a lot more.
Children Love Those Duckies !!
Those Geese Do Now not Go with the flow Upright.