Newborn Baby Boy Deer Printed Grey Tshirt Top Camouflage Pants Hat 3Pcs

GREEN MATE, Ease Choose: Cotton blend. It is warm,soft and not irritative baby’s skin.
Beautiful IN HEART, COOL IN TYPE: Deer Print Long Sleeve Style. Fashion Stands Out, Feeling Unrestrained.
Warm care, Mom Assured: Soft fabric and pure cotton, best gift for your kids in this winter.


Relaxed and soft camo knit cloth sewn into relaxed knit leggings.
Leggings don’t have any tight elastic, however quite a yoga Taste waistband with a working drawstring if you want to tighten them.
The shirt is hand stamped with non-poisonous cloth ink which is secure for kiddo skin. Deer print is in black ink however can simply be changed to another color of you prefer.
GREEN MATE, Ease Make a choice: Cotton blend. It’s Heat,soft and Now not irritative baby’s skin.
Stunning IN HEART, COOL IN TYPE: Deer Print Long Sleeve Taste. Fashion Stands Out, Feeling Unrestrained.
Heat care, Mom Assured: Soft cloth and pure cotton, highest gift to your children on this winter.
MUST BUY: Excellent Worth! Top Qulity! Mama Most popular, Baby Favourite!
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