Leather Luggage Duffle Bag Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Bourbon Brown

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Classic Design
Perfect for Long Weekend Getaways


Our Leather Duffle Bag is made of the finest full-grain leather by a highly experienced Guatemalan artisan and leather specialist from Pastores, Sacatepequez. This roomy Duffle Bag features two end-zipped pockets, heavy-gauge top-stitching, YKK hardware, and is lined with an attractively designed cotton fabric. Best possible for traveling either long or short distances and works as a very good carry-on piece for flying. With it is compact yet classy and comfortable design, this duffle bag makes an ideal gift for somebody. The name originates from Duffel, the name of a town in Belgium where the primary bags of this sort were made with a heavy cloth dating back so far as the mid 17th century. In up to date times, the materials would possibly vary yet the way of the bag remains true to its ancestor, and its widespread popularity is said to have gained momentum after the culmination of WWII. The bag used to be on a regular basis handed out to the young military conscripts owing to their sturdy and durable design. The duffle bags emanated countrywide once the servicemen returned safely after the war, being passed down over generations. Since then, there were many variations and unique alterations to this bag, and unsurprisingly the thing has turn out to be a fashion icon in these days’s world. The flesh side of the soft leather is first stained with natural drab tone and finished with our proprietary beeswax conditioner. Our unique remedy not only helps the leather to retain its shape without the help of synthetic stabilizers, it also removes the desire for a lining (ceaselessly the primary to rip) offering a natural and durable look. The leather we use, originating from our well established supplier Compiel, is nothing but Full Grain Leather, and if you do not know what that may be, then be sure you’re sitting comfortably. There are 4 varieties of leather, and so they differ in quality. You have got Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, Genuine Leather and Bonded Leather.
Shuttle in Style
Classic Design
Best possible for Long Weekend Getaways
Durable and Comfortable to Carry
100% Cotton Lining