Leader Accessories Vista Camouflage Crossbow Package with Quiver and 4pcs of 20 inch Aluminum Arrow


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Over 30 years, Leader Accessories has been devoted to out of doors leisure enthusiasts, patio and out of doors lovers, water sports and gear sports fanciers, with amazing products, leading concept and satisfying solution. From crossbow to hunting blinds, from furniture cover to equipment cover, from RV covers to RV awnings, from power sports covers to power sports bags, from boat covers to boat seats, from wetsuits to dry bags, we offer a right away get admission to to the most important picks of goods, just to make your out of doors life a lot more enjoyable and noteworthy. With superior quality and lasting durability, we are pretty sure that each and every customer gets exactly what they pay for and completely satisfied with our products. In conjunction with competitive value, top of the range customer service and swift shipping, an out of this world shopping for revel in is guaranteed here.

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Whilst enjoying your out of doors life, Leader Accessories provides a variety of hunting equipment and accessories. Durable safety vest harness, large capacity tree stand, camo ground hunting hub blinds, doghouse blinds, one man chair blinds, also shooting stick, heavy duty game cart, and hoist and gambrel system. We are supposed to be offering our well designed and secure products to our customers, and produce a contented hunting revel in. That may be exactly our hunting series’ job.

Draw Weight: 175 lbs.

Speed: 360 fps

Power Stroke: 15″

Kinetic Energy: 110.73 ft. Lbs.

Vista Camouflage Color

Length: 35″, Width: 23″

Weight: 7.8 lbs.

4×32 Aluminum Scope

Trigger Pull: 4 lbs.

Anti-dry-fire mechanism

With quiver, padded sling, 4pcs of 20 inch aluminum arrow, rail lube wax and cocking rope.

It’s unlawful for people below 18 to own a Crossbow.
Draw Weight: 175 lbs. Speed: 360 fps.
Power Stroke: 15″. Kinetic Energy: 110.73 ft. Lbs. Trigger Pull: 4 lbs.
Length: 35″, Width: 23″.
Anti-dry-fire mechanism.
4×32 Aluminum Scope. With quiver, padded sling, 4pcs of 20 inch aluminum arrow, rail lube wax and cocking rope.

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