King Will DUO 8mm Black Brushed Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring Blue Plated Wedding Band

8mm brushed center and beveled edge
black and blue plated
Cobalt Free and Tarnish Resistant


King Will, not only No.1 brand of tungsten carbide ring on Amazon
King Will, not only a very good brand of tungsten ring on Amazon, but additionally means strong will and great courage like spirit of a king, on every occasion facing at any catch 22 situation.
“You never understand how strong you might be until being strong is the one choice you might have.” Tungsten, hardness is second only to diamond. Inspired by the meaning at the back of tungsten ring, we create King Will.
“To the world you possibly one person, but to me you possibly the entire world” King Will offers quite a lot of types of ring designs to witness wedding ceremony, engagement moment, and bizarre days or things that is essential to you……Designed by delicate craft, each and every of them is beautiful, comfortable, worth.

Tungsten Ring Maintenance Tips
1. tungsten ring cleaning:
Your tungsten ring requires no complicated cleaning or maintenance procedures. To make a cleaning solution for tungsten jewelry, simply mix warm water with a couple of drops of mild soap. It’s best to Keep away from the usage of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when cleaning tungsten rings.
2. Tungsten Ring Care Tips:
Keep your tungsten ring away from harsh chemicals. Keep away from your ring impacting on any hard substances. It’s best to store your tungsten ring one at a time. When taking off tungsten ring, you’ll be able to place it within the free ring box after which put the box in a secure space.
About the size measure
Measure your finger size before purchase, for tungsten carbide ring can’t be resized. The paper measurement is intended for reference only. We wish to suggest you might have your finger sized at a jewelry store for a correct ring size.
8mm brushed center and beveled edge
black and blue plated
Cobalt Free and Tarnish Resistant
Scratch Resistant& Comfort Fit Design
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