JahtiJakt Men’s Rosto Premium Camo Set with Bonus Package Included


The JahtiJakt rosto set is a most sensible class extremely gentle, durable and silent looking suit. The cut of the suit is designed especially for looking containing the proprietary AIR-TEX2 membrane making it one hundred% water-proof, windproof and breathable and in addition containing proprietary scentech technology for odor keep an eye on. The rosto suit incorporates a water-proof hood which will also be got rid of and a really perfect overall attention to detail providing you with the most efficient to your time outdoors. With this suit you’ll also receive bonus pieces together with a scentech microdry lingerie suit, a rowan 1/2 zip fleece, a sotka reversible cap, a blaze orange vest, and a flexible bandana. Experience!
one hundred% water-proof and breathable because of the leading edge AIR-TEX2 membrane. Super gentle weight. Extremely silent shell subject material and sturdy water repellent brushed polyester.
All seams taped water-proof. Pre-formed pattern in sleeves and legs will increase freedom of movement. Scentech technology for odor keep an eye on.
Detachable 2-means adjustable hood. Upper waistline in pants protects the back. Detachable mosquito/insect hood with zipper opening.
Bonus pieces come with scentech microdry lingerie suit, rowan 1/2-zip fleece, sotka reversible cap, blaze orange vest, flexible bandana.

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