Fisher F75 LTD BLACK Metal Detector Bundle with Boost and Cache Process + NEW Leading Edge Technology Includes 2 Coils, Coil Covers, Backpack, Recovery Pouch, Cap and Battery Charger System


Spice up Process substantially increases depth underneath such a lot Stipulations. Cache Locating Process is designed to search out Massive deep objects. Lightest and Absolute best balanced of all Prime-performance metal detectors; Absolute best Ergonomics within the Industry Robust Performance Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch Massive LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display Double-Clear out Discrimination Modes for Looking in Trashy Spaces Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph and Readout Trigger-Actuated FASTGRABTM Ground Balance Manual Ground Cancellation Choice Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings Backlight – For Low Light Hunting Stipulations Low Operating Cost – Normally 40+ Hours with 4-AA Alkaline Batteries 11″ DD and 5″ DD Water-resistant Searchcoils included Specifications Operating Frequency: nominal 13 kHz, quartz crystal timing reference 13158Hz, 13100Hz, 1043Hz, 12987Hz, 12931Hz, 12876Hz, 12821Hz Basic Sensitivity: 6 x 10 9 root Hertz (detectivity) Lag Coefficient: 78 milliseconds Reactive Overload: approximately 10,000 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) 40,000 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < 30. Resistive Overload: approximately 1,200 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) 4,800 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < 30. Ground Balancing Vary: From ferrite to salt, inclusive Discrimination Ground Suppression: combination of second and third order strategies ID Ground Suppression: third order Battery Life: Normally 40 hours with top quality alkaline batteries Estimated 80 hours with nickel oxyhydroxide batteries Estimated 65 hours with lithium iron disulfide batteries Operating Temp Vary: 4 to +122 degrees F (-20 to +50 degrees C) Operating Humidity Vary: 0-90% non-condensing Bundle Includes the next FREE pieces: 11" DD Coil Cover 5" DD Coil Cover 5" DD Search Coil Camo Back Pack Camo Recovery Pouch Camo Cap Battery Recharge Kit New Leading-Edge Technology! These new features make the F75 more versatile with greater depth, better target separation and audio features as a way to open up your iron-infested sites! Skill to turn on and deactivate DST Mode (Digital Shielding Technology) for without equal in EMI Suppression FA (Rapid Process) - Improved Target Separation Three new levels of FeToneĀ®: Iron Audio Off, Low or Medium (complements existing "Prime" setting) Adjustable Audio Pitch now within the Discrimination Mode Embedded Serial Number - Serialization now stored electronically Fisher F75 Ltd with Spice up and Cache Processes. Probably the most versatile Prime performance detector ever made! It's the industry's premier relic hunting and supreme multi-purpose metal detector. Highly Beneficial for: Coin Shooting Relic Hunting Beach Hunting Gold Prospecting [amz_corss_sell asin="B00PMJ3TNY"]

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