Dry Hydrogen Mens Cargo Combat Pants 45019 – 100% Cotton Premium Quality Combats

The most popular model of Molecule cargo pants
Functional, Multiple, Big Pockets
Machine Washable, Tumble dry Friendly


Whether you are on a travel to Latin Americas untamed jungles or backpacking in Asia, these comfy Dry Hydrogen Cargo pants will have to be for your most sensible list of Essentials to Pack. With dual front, side-cargo and back pockets, they’ll lend a hand keep your valuables secure at the same time as traveling, in addition to keeping the way police at bay. These are one in all our most well liked cargo pants, possibly because of all of the more than a few features that combine to make one kick-ass pair of pants – strong cotton canvas construction, pop-pockets where it matters (keep your valuables more secure), extra-reinforcing at the cargo-pops (they wont rip out under pressure), and 2 Molecule logo patches, one at the right cargo pocket flap, one on a tab that pokes out of the waistband. The zips are the cast, long-lasting plastic variety, the inner waist strings will custom-Are compatible these in your fine self, and the leg-bottom pops will lend a hand tuck within the pants when it gets cold, hold em up when it gets wet, and just most often lend a hand within the all-out coolness of the Dry Hydrogen Cargo pants.

Please check size before ordering, especially ‘flatbelt’. To measure that, get an item which goes you well, flat at the ground, and measure along the highest of the beltline. Order a size with a flatbelt no less than as big as that.

USA 31″/S  Waist:31″ Flatbelt:16″ Outseam:42″ Inseam:30″ (Label:S/31″)
USA 33″/M  Waist:33″ Flatbelt:17″ Outseam:42″ Inseam:30″ (Label:M/33″)
USA 35″/M-L  Waist:35″ Flatbelt:18″ Outseam:43″ Inseam:30″ (Label:L/35″)
USA 37″/L  Waist:37″ Flatbelt:18.5″ Outseam:43″ Inseam:31″ (Label:XL/37″)
The preferred model of Molecule cargo pants
Functional, More than one, Big Pockets
Machine Washable, Tumble dry Friendly
Internal Waist Cords to Customise Are compatible
Locker Loops