DiveR Australia Freediving/Spearfishing Fin Blades Octopus


Manufactured the usage of the toughest designer hybrid epoxy resin system and cutting-edge composite materials on teh planet! The “DiveR” Fin Blades haven’t any equal. All blades are hand made formed in a vacuum. Years of testing resulted in a near unbreakable blade with unparalleled performance. The max life span / progressive flex and zero lack of memory make the “DiveR” Performance Fin Blades the pros choice. Their unique design transfers load to the larger muscle groups not focusing it at the ankle, shins or knees . This feature on my own greatly reduces fatigue and can add years on your diving life. The DiveR fin blades are developed and engineered in Australia. 18 months of hard core testing in one of the most harshest conditions by free diving professionals have resulted in simply the most productive fin available on the market as of late. Manufactured from cutting-edge resin systems and aerospace fabrics the DiveR fin blade provides you with the mechanical advantage and high performance you may have been on the lookout for. Every pair are hand made and finished with attention to detail and quality. They come in 3 colors, Blue, Red and Clear. Every colors is available in three hardness’s to fit both the professional and avid weekend diver. A couple of commercial divers now use the DiveR fin for both its performance and dependability under heavy working conditions. The current model has been in production now for over two and a half years and too date, NO breakages or drop in performance have been reported. A part of my motivation in producing the DiveR blade used to be the truth that as a professional diver I used to be bored stiff with fins that lost their punch after only some weeks. Normal thermo plastic blades begin to break down after aprox 10,000 revolutions after which decline to snapping point. The DiveR blades have been tested out too over 1,000,000 revolutions and not using a degeneration in performance or decline within the mechanics of the blade. These blades are Medium stiffness.
Composite Resin Materials
Trippy Octopus Camo Design
Medium Stiffness
Highly Efficient
Best Blades at the Market

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