Diamond iX5 Adult Baseball Catcher’s Package – Camouflage


Tools-up with the iX5 Camo grownup baseball catcher’s package from Diamond. That includes the iX5 Edge masks with diamond-weave trend and iX5 chest protector and leg guards. The iX5 catcher’s set provides superior coverage and luxury, plus a certified glance. Advisable for a long time 16 and up. iX5 Edge Helmet: Style DCH-EDGE IX5 – Hat Measurement: 7 1/8 – 7 half of Light-weight Have an effect on-resistant shell Exclusive iX3 Diamond-Weave trend Ultra-gentle frame with improved imaginative and prescient bars Replaceable mesh multi-layer foam padding liner Adjustable cushy leather chin pad four-method adjustable back cap Comprises 4 inch throat shield and drawstring storage bag Meets NOCSAE same old iX5 Shin Guards: Style DLG-IX5 165 – Measurement: 16 half of Inch Triple knee coverage Absolutely ventilated wrap around shin Breathable gun metal gray padding Compressed knee convenience Have an effect on resistant plastic clips Removable toe extension iX5 Chest Protector: Style DCP-IX5 XL – Measurement: 18 half of Inch Vented iX3 triple layer low-rebound padding Removable molded professional shoulder caps Adjustable X-back convenience harness with four-method stretch Absolutely wrapped padded neck-roll for convenience
Diamond iX5 Edge Hockey Taste Catcher’s Helmet – Measurement: 7 1/8 – 7 half of
Diamond iX5 Shin Guards – Measurement: 16 half of Inch
Diamond iX5 Chest Protector – Measurement: 18 half of Inch
Advisable for a long time 16 and up

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