Cressi 3.5mm Tracina Spearfishing/Freediving Wetsuit, Jacket & John Full Suit


Cressi’s 3.5 mm Nylon II Tecnica Spear-Fishing Rainy Go well with is a 2 piece Go well with design that may be made the usage of different Laptop Printing Era for a novel Camouflage Trend that renders the Diver Just about Invisible, even at a brief distance making this one nice Go well with for the search. The Go well with is constituted of a Hooded Jacket and a Prime Best Pants. All Go well with Seams are Glued and Sewn for Power and Sturdiness.
Prime tech Camouflage age Mimetic Design
Mimetic zones in nylon on the higher a part of the jacket, hood, and calves.
The remainder of the overalls is fabricated from Ultraspan neoprene.
Makes outstanding use of the pliability of Ultraspan neoprene to supply most convenience, freedom of motion, and air flow.
Build in-hood

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