Camouflage HID 3200 Lumen Light – 5.5″ OD Round – Stud Mount – Adjustable bracket – Nylon Housing (


Camouflage HID 3200 Lumen Mild – 5.five” OD Spherical – Stud Mount – Adjustable bracket – Nylon Housing (-Spot). Camouflage, light-weight, durable HID Mild that produces 3200 lumens. Operating on voltages starting from nine-32 volts DC, this 5.5 inch Mild is perfect for a variety of spotlight and flood Mild applications. This snapshot displays a gloomy road very similar to a protracted, slim corridor, illuminated by nothing however moonlight. This symbol displays the similar road illuminated with the spot beam of the HID-5500-C; obviously and simply reaching the distant trees over 1800` away, even at the same time as cutting throughout the distant street Mild. Weatherproof nylon housing Precision metal reflectors 35 watt HID Xenon D2 kind Lamp 35 watt internal HID ballast – instant on, 3 seconds to full visible power HID color temperature 7000K (bright white) Borosilicate hardened glass lens Lumen Output – 3200 lumens +/- 400 lumens This HID Mild can also be configured as a focus or a flood Mild. Configuration is accomplished by a lens change prior to shipping. As spotlight, the beam reaches 2300 feet and is 110 feet wide. As a floodlight, the beam covers a space 175` long by 175` wide. The peak and angle of the HID Mild fixture will affect the whole dimensions of the flood Mild./ Current Draw: Works on any voltage from nine-32 volts DC On 12 Volts DC – 4.8 amps get started load on 12 Volts DC – 3.3 amps average draw after 60 seconds On 24 Volts DC – 2.4 amps get started load on 24 Volts DC – 1.7 amps average draw after 60 seconds IP rating: IP 67 (water and dirt tight) Mud and water resistance (gaskets and seals) Vibration tolerance: 8.6G RMS Dimensions: Lens – 5.5 inches OD – 6.5 inches tall with mounting bracket – 5.5 inches deep, weighs 1.4 pounds Weight: 1.4 pounds Operating temperature: -40 degrees C to 105 degrees C Voltage: nine-32V DCCE Certified EN55015 EMIEN61547 EMSEN62471 Photobiological Safety

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