Benevento Dash Kit for Honda Pilot 2012-2015

Benevento Dash Kits are a premium interior trim kit.
Manufacutred from the highest quality laminates. Comes ready to install.
Domed with a polyuerthane high-gloss top coat for an OEM appearance.


Benevento dash kits are synthetic the use of top quality laminates to be had in quite a few specialty OEM grade finishes starting from carbon fiber to exotic picket grains. Those internal trim kits are carefully designed the use of state-of-the-art pc-aided design (CAD) device, laser lower for precision and hand poured with a top-gloss polyurethane best-coat. Made proudly in america by way of automobile enthusiasts for automobile enthusiasts.
Benevento Dash Kits are a premium internal trim kit.
Manufacutred from the best quality laminates. Comes in a position to put in.
Domed with a polyuerthane top-gloss best coat for an OEM look.
Detailed deploy information included. Step by step video tutorials also are to be had on-line.
Lifetime Restricted Guaranty.