Animal Bath Squirt Toy Set (set of 4, marine life) – Starfish, Hippo, Frog, Alligator by Kinder Toys Network

Includes 4 water-squirting, floating ocean friends
Easy for little hands to grasp
Encourages learning and imaginative play


This set of 4 colourful ocean squirts is guaranteed to stay Tub boredom at bay! With the KinderToys Marine Lifestyles Tub Pals, your little you could create tales of water a laugh whilst finding out animal names like starfish, hippo, crocodile, and more. Each and every brightly-coloured Tub toy floats, squirts water, and is sized good for little hands to seize and squeeze. Introduce all 4 toys directly for an exhilarating ocean journey, or marvel your little diver with a brand new Tub loved one on a daily basis. Either manner, bathtime is bound to head swimmingly!
Comprises 4 water-squirting, floating ocean pals
Simple for little hands to seize
Encourages finding out and imaginative play
nine+ months