8MM Men’s Titanium Ring Wedding Band | Black Plated with Camouflage Inlay | Domed Top

Crafted from Genuine Titanium
8MM Comfort Fit Design
Hunting, Outdoors Themed Ring with Forest Camouflage Inlay, Black Plated and Domed Top


The gorgeous Black Plated Titanium Camo Ring measures 8mm wide. This can be a Titanium Ring with a Woodland Camouflage Inlay. The interior of the hoop is supplied with a Convenience Are compatible end to extend the buyer’s Convenience. Extremely light-weight and powerful, the titanium ring feels as in case you aren’t dressed in not anything in any respect. Purchaser satisfaction is of the upmost significance to Cavalier Jewelers and all earrings include a 30-day a refund ensure.
Made from Authentic Titanium
8MM Convenience Are compatible Design
Searching, Outdoor Themed Ring with Woodland Camouflage Inlay, Black Plated and Domed Most sensible
30-day a refund ensure