3pc His Hers Red Camo Stainless Steel 925 Sterling Silver Ruby Engagement Wedding Ring Set

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
Stainless Steel Red Camo bands
Cherry Blossom Color Cubic Zirconium


This beautiful ring set makes A novel gift or the very best engagement/wedding set. A novel Stainless Metal bands adorned with Pink Jap Cherry Blossom Camo design and a coverage resin layer. Width : 6mm. 925 Sterling Silver Engagement/Wedding ring, superbly embellished with one trillion reduce 6x6mm 0.70 ct ruby coloured cubic zirconia stone Very best gift for the hunter and outside sort that everyone knows. Or the very best wedding/engagement band for the hunter/open air couple. Stainless-steel – bodily qualities of Top energy, toughness, sturdiness, low density, corrosion resistance and biological compatibility make it highly regarded within the Jewellery business. High quality: EXCELLENT
Sterling Silver Engagement Ring
Stainless Metal Pink Camo bands
Cherry Blossom Colour Cubic Zirconium
Pink Camo Design
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